This office specializes in preparing commercial & residential leases, purchase & sale agreements, and litigation for real estate disputes.  Real estate transactions are unique and require customized agreements. Consequently, there are many pitfalls and issues presented to the unwary. Retain an experienced attorney at the beginning to avoid legal problems.
Don't wait until you have problems before seeking legal advice. ​



Family law is a very broad area of law that includes divorces, spousal support, child support, visitation and custody issues concerning children, and obtaining restraining orders as well as name changes and adoptions.  Because of the volatile nature of family dynamics it is important to retain an attorney with experience in these sensitive areas to obtain the objective you want and at the same time keep costs down. 

     We also have years of experience in preparing pre-nuptial and post-marital agreements, modification of previous court orders and post judgment issues, as well as paternity actions and district attorney child support cases.  A specialty of this office is the preparation of QDROs, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, that divide pension plans in a divorce action.



 When you are arrested the choice you make can have a major impact on your life. Your failure to protect yourself with professional representation can mean the difference between resuming your normal life and loosing your freedom, having to pay a fine, or worse.  



Experienced attorneys practicing landlord-tenant law can give you immediate answers to questions you may have.  We have years of experience in representing both landlords and tenants.  Our first strategy is to try to resolve the dispute without litigation. Our second strategy is to zealously litigate on behalf of our client's interest. 



It is unfortunate that after losing a dear family member that people are burdened with legal matters concerning the estate of the loved one.  This office has years of experience in handling probate matters, and we understand the need for taking care of everything to minimize your burden. 



A civil action is a civil lawsuit that involves disputes between individuals or organizations in which some form of compensation may be awarded to the prevailing party.  Our office places emphasis on settling disputes early rather than plunging ahead with expensive litigation where the chances for settlement and resolution become 

less likely over time.  If the matter 

does not settle we fight zealously to protect your rights and property.



Filing bankruptcy immediately stops all creditors from collecting debts owed to them, even if they have a judgment against the debtor.  Bankruptcy may result in eliminating the debt, or having more time to pay off debts and save your house from foreclosure. Also, if you are owed money and the debtor files a bankruptcy we can challenge cancellation of the debt for you. 

Chapter 7



Estate planning can avoid probate and save thousands of dollars for your estate.  Estate planning is essential for every person even with a small estate.  ​There are several types of documents that need to be prepared for you.  

The documents are not complicated and they are not expensive, but it could cost you and your estate a lot of money if you don't have them.  



If you've been injured in a vehicle 

accident, slip and fall, or any other 

kind of event you may be entitled to compensation for all of the costs associated with the injury, and an additional value for "pain and suffering."

     We are associated with health care professionals that advance treatment and care on a lien basis to be paid after settlement of the case